Willkommen to Baker St. Pretzels!

We are a traditional, locally owned Bavarian pretzel company based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. What makes our pretzels Bavarian? Having traveled to Germany and Austria where we personally taste tested pretzels and bread products throughout the region; we've definitely captured that flavorful experience and baked it into our pretzels. How?

  1. IT'S THE BREAD! A recipe created from scratch that's hearty with a memorable old time savory taste and aromatic quality.
  2. Each pretzel is unique, rolled and double twisted by hand.
  3. Lastly, we use a traditionally German Laugenbrezel baking process. It's why our pretzel's crumb is so chewy and firm to the touch with the perfect golden brown hue.

You WILL taste the difference. We are not a Mall pretzel.

So where can you experience these Baker St. Pretzels? Since our pretzels pair so well with craft beer, we support your local craft breweries, bars and caf├ęs listed on the locations page. Go for their beer, stay for our pretzels. You can also visit the events page and find us at chosen beer festivals, select farmers markets and special events throughout the year. We will be adding new drinking establishment's and events regularly so check back monthly as we update our list.

Thanks for stopping by. We are individually wrapping the next pretzel for you.


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Baker St. Pretzels